“Successes ranging from Research into Educational Equity, Circular Economy, 3D Design, Additive Manufacturing, Project Management, Marketing and R&D across a range of topics from Music Venues, Automation, Electronics and Academia.”

Consultancy Ethos

I believe that a major factor in my prior successes is my ability to view projects holistically and continually develop experience and understanding in areas beyond typical engineering.

In an age where being a specialist in a single field is taught as the ideal way into the modern Engineering Technology workforce, subsequent modern multi-disciplinary teams in R&D have -in my experience- suffered a lack of unifying team leadership, experimentation and consequently, no time for imagination.

Having expert generalists as unifying voices in a team, who can grasp all the disciplines of each specialist and support each member while also encouraging experimentation and imagination, leads to better R&D results, more efficient investment, and with strong unified teams, far better productivity.

How Can I Support Your Project?

My strengths as a Technologist and Project Manager have been due to my ability to lead teams and develop projects that pull together the best of the team at hand or support projects with the latest ideas and research which enhances not just the intricacies but the project as a whole.

I have also supported projects via service, such as bespoke 3D Design and small scale manufacture with my personal 3D printing studio. Overall if you have a project which encompasses:

  • 3D Design (Surface, Assembly, for Manufacture)
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing Service, Test Printing, Small Scale Runs)
  • Circular Economy in Engineering (GHG Protocol, Green Tech, Procurement, ISO14064)
  • Electronics (PCB Design, Embedded Systems, Sensor Systems and Occupancy Detection)
  • Programming (C, C++)
  • Teaching (STEM and STEAM Ambassadorship, External Outreach, Academia)
  • Project Management (Line Managing, Project Proposals, External Development, R&D)
  • Marketing (Public Perception, Print Media, Conferences, Collaborations)

If interested please send me an email at [email protected] for a chat.

3D Design and 3D Printing Quotes

Or if you would like to discuss a 3D Design Project or to discuss a small scale production run from my personal print studio, please write “3D Printing ENQUIRY” in the subject line and send an email to [email protected]

All potential models will be FDM produced in Inverness, Scotland.

All agreed designs will be first developed with a test print at a single rate cost and only in PLA or PET plastic. This model will be used to gauge print quality and production times for multi-print runs. This test print model will then be delivered to you and will represent the quality of the overall print run.

Number of Colours (Or Parts)Up To Print Size (mm)Single Rate Cost (£)

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