Examples of Projects And Activities

Media & Public Appearances

Rose Street Roundhouse
Skills Development Scotland – Stem Equity Project
Fuel Change Challenge
HIENT & UHI Autonomous Bus Launch
BE-ST Collaboration
Hydro Ness
London Tech Week
Additive Manufacturing Suite (UHI Inverness)

Examples of Design, Manufacturing and Projects

University of the Highlands and Islands (Inverness)

3D Modelling & 3D Printing

Skull Manufacture (Testing Anatomic Printing & Experimental Filament)
Hydro Ness
Various Designs

Deterrent System Design & Development

PCB Design
3D Design and Schematic Design
Test 3D Prints
3D Expanded View of Laser Trip System

CPD Activities

3D Modelling via Fusion 360Design to PCB to 3D


Photogrammetry Experiments

Entrotec Ltd, Design Engineering and Product Engineering

3D Modelling via Solidworks

3D Modelling Training at Glasgow City College


Glasgow Caledonian and Hochschule Merseburg

Robotics Honours Project and Robotics Internship

Autonomous Vehicular Robot (Honours Project)Robotic Arm Server (Hochschule Merseburg)

Smart Medical Glove “Smegl” (3rd Year Bachelor Project)

Experiment Centre for Kids (Year 2 ‘DipHE’ Team Project)